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Our history
Our company was born in 1948 , founded by Vincenzo Palmieri and Giorgio Mustacchio , both had the necessity to produce olive oil from their own olive trees , because after the war , the only oil producing company , beneath the hills of the Gargano ,unfortunately had to close due to the bad management.
Before going on it is right to explain that oil producing company is an agricolture industry , because agricolture is demanding on the activity; and as like every agricolture activity its adaptment depends on the weather conditions . The production of good oil depends on the rain : for example if the rain falls at the beginning of September , so in the maturation phase of the fruit it will grow well. If on the contrary the rain falls before the olive is picked ( at the beginning of October) the fruit will be full of water and too plumpy and so the oil will result less full.

Moreover the first plant was bought by Pieralisi , an Marchigiana company just founded , and it was composed by a pression system with three pressing machines , with a centrifugal system to separate water from the oil . With the economic assessment in the following years the number of pressing machines increased to six and an automatic dosage was put in the system for the pasta and a second system was introduced with powerful pressing machine.
In 1970 the entire company passed to the hands of Vincenzo Palmieri.

In 1986 the former had the desire and the necessity to improve the standard oil quality , the old pressing system was changed with a new more powerful continous cycle , which was improved and the heating of the pasta wasn't anymore necessary. The need was from the big companies like : Monini , Carapelli e Salov which bought the oil from Palmieri and their request for a better quality and cleaner oil and without organoleptics. In 1922 the company passed in the hands of Vincenzo's son Domenico that brought various changes to the oil producing system.

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